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Youth Connections L.L.C. provides Community Based Interventions and Programs for Youthful Offenders under supervision of the 21st Judicial District Youth Court Services in Ravalli County.




To help at-risk youth of Ravalli County Montana develop skills and abilities necessary to become productive citizens. To provide a structured and supervised environment in which youth can successfully complete their community service obligations, comply with court ordered conditions and be accountable for their mistakes.





Youth Connections offers community based alternatives to detention or out-of home placement for new and repeat juvenile offenders. Our objectives are as follows:

1. To operate community supervision programs that provide a "balanced approach" between offender, community, family and victim.

2. To successfully impact the recidivism of youth in Ravalli County, thereby impacting the number of youth requiring institutionalization and out of county placement.

3. To provide real world learning experiences in the community, rather than an artificial or sterile environment of an institution.

4. To reduce the Youth Courtís overall institutional budget by cost effective services offered in the Community.


 Community Service Work Program and Intensive Supervision Program for the 21st Judicial District Youth Court Services.

Cognitive Principles and Restructuring:

Ten week educational series for teens on criminal thinking errors.


Underage Drinking Prevention:

"Sober Saturday" Program provides Alcohol Education Program for youth cited for first time alcohol possession.


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